Monday, November 6, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 55.5

Day 55.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Teresa and Jami throw the boys a costume party to celebrate their birthdays. 

The Wallace Family - Day 54.5

Day 54.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin ages up to a teen. Jami tells Teresa what he suspects about Talib and Teresa attempts to help Talib find something to cure his boredom. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 53.5

Day 53.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin proves himself to be a great big brother. Talib ages up and Teresa finally gets Jami to open up a little about what's been bothering him. 

The Wallace Family - Day 52.5

Day 52.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Carla begins her first day with the O'Neal family. Adwin is thrilled to have a playmate around on a regular basis. 

The Wallace Family - Day 51.5

 Day 51.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Jami is really beginning to feel the effects of getting older. Later, Teresa and the rest of the family meets Carla's mother, Abbie.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 50.5

Day 50.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Jami gives the boys haircuts and later takes them to the park where he meets Adwin's new friend, Carla, for the first time. Teresa joins her siblings at the Brewery to help Anitra celebrate her birthday. 

The Wallace Family - Day 49.5

Day 49.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin proves that he's a good big brother to Talib. Later, he meets a new friend at the art museum.