Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 44.5

Day 44.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Jami and Teresa throw Adwin a birthday party and later that night...welcomes a new member to the family.

The Wallace Family - Day 43.5

Day 43.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Teresa changes up her look, the family visits the Romance Festival, and later...Teresa meets her nephew Marc for the first time. 

Sims 4 Community Lot - Ranger Stanley's Fun Zone

Ranger Stanley's Fun Zone

Type: Restaurant

Lot Size: 30X20

Value: $92,549

Inspired by the Outdoor Retreat pack and the included Ranger Stanley Jackalope statue, I decided to create a kid play zone/restaurant (think Chuck E Cheese).  Lot is a fully functioning restaurant and includes arcade games, Motion Gaming Stations, foosball tables and the toddler stuff play equipment. No CC, please turn on your "move objects on" cheat and add in build mode...not map view. 

To download, visit the Sims 4 Gallery: (or get it here)
Origin ID: diego2memphis
Hashtag: #diego2memphis, #toddlerstuff, #kidsrestaurant, #chuckecheese, #diningout, #toddler

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 42.5

Day 42.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Teresa's pregnancy is causing her a lot of grief. Later, she tells Adwin that he's going to be a big brother, although he doesn't quite understand. Jamison returns home from work with great news! 

The Wallace Family - Day 41.5

Day 41.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Teresa and Jamison start the morning out right! Later, they meet up with Jayla and Troy for a double date that ends up being a bit uncomfortable for everyone involved. Back at home, Teresa confirms something that she's suspected all day. 

The Wallace Family - Day 40.5

Day 40.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin decides to explore a bit while his parents are still asleep. Teresa believes that Jamison is too easy on Adwin. Later, Teresa decides to confront Jarvis about the denial of his newborn son.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 39.5

Day 39.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin discovers that he has a huge obstacle to over come if he wants to find his parents in the mornings. Teresa and Jami disagree on how to raise Adwin. Teresa finds out some upsetting news about Jarvis and Ellie.