Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Wallace Family - Day 21.6

Day 21.6 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Mina and her cat Bastet try to adjust to their new home.

The Wallace Family - Day 20.6

Day 20.6 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin earns a promotion and makes a very big decision regarding his relationship with Mina. 

The Wallace Family - Day 19.6

Day 19.6 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Adwin and Ajay bury Skittles and talk about the possibility of getting a new pet. 

The Wallace Family - Day 18.6

Day 18.6 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: It's Talib and Mazeli's big day but the mood is seriously brought down by the loss of a family member. Adwin and Mina discuss their future.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sims 4 Community Lot - The Oasis Outdoor

 The bar, restrooms, and kitchen are located indoors

 The restaurant is located outdoors

 roof on
 roof off

The Oasis Outdoor

Type: Restaurant

Lot Size: 30X20

Value: $88,123

Are you looking to celebrate a special occasion? Or perhaps you just want to impress your date? Come on down to the Oasis Outdoor where the atmosphere is fun and the prices will make you do a double take! No CC. Turn on bb.moveobjects before adding to your game. 

To download, visit the Sims 4 Gallery: (or get it here)
Origin ID: diego2memphis
Hashtag: #diego2memphis, #nocc, #restaurant, #dineout, #oasissprings, #diner, #bar, #proposals

Wednesday, May 2, 2018