Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 21.5

Day 21.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary:  Jarvis and his girlfriend Ellie makes Teresa's morning very uncomfortable. Anitra pays Teresa an unexpected visit.  Later, Teresa says goodbye to a friend.

The Wallace Family - Day 20.5

Day 20.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary:  Teresa takes Jamison's advice and attempts to sell some of her art on the street. Tragedy strikes the Williston family. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 19.5

Day 19.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary:  Jarvis asks Teresa for a huge favor. Anitra delivers her baby.  Zo and Imani tie the knot and make a big decision about their future together.  Teresa meets Jarvis' new girlfriend. 

The Wallace Family - Day 18.5

Day 18.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary: Teresa receives more unwanted attention from Iz. While working, she runs into her brothers who are celebrating becoming adults.  Jamison invites her to his performance...Jarvis and Hollis join her. 

The Wallace Family - Day 17.5

Day 17.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary:  Teresa once again runs into Jamison while out and about, completing her work assignments.  Later, Yvette drops a huge secret on her and Teresa decides that she owes Troy a huge apology. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Wallace Family - Day 16.5

Day 16.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary:  Anitra and Richie get married, Teresa tries to avoid some unwanted attention and Zo makes a big decision regarding he and Imani's future.

The Wallace Family - Day 15.5

Day 15.5 - Read on Tumblr

Summary:  Teresa stumbles across a familiar face; later, she spends the day in Windenburg helping Anitra pick out a wedding dress.